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Dr. Dofini Tamini
My Testimony!

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank all of you: for your support, for thinking of us, caring, feeding, sheltering, loving, reaching out, cooking, crying, praying and all that you have done for my wife, Clarissa and I. These were the worst days we have ever lived in our lives and I highly respect and appreciate each of you for the courage and strength that you demonstrated by standing along with us on that mountain of fire; from the ambulance call to being discharged from the ICU.

I feel like I owe you an explanation so I am going to try to be as short as I can!

First, on Saturday May 13th, Clarissa and I lost our only means of transportation in a hit and run. Our car, which was parked on the curb at the time, got rear-ended. We had no security camera footage to review and our kind neighbor, who witnessed part of it, did not get a clear view of the other vehicle. Anyway, the damage to the car was to the point that we had to total it. The wheelchair that was in the trunk, which I use to care for my wife, was damaged as well.

My Car My Car My Car

The insurance company told us that we were on our own and the police investigation stopped at a dead end. In short, my wife and I have no means of transportation to doctor appointments, medical exams and more. This incident just made our lives harder than it was already.

Then on Thursday May 25th, 2017. Clarissa, after weeks of atrocious pain, because of the medical condition that she is battling, ran out of pain meds. At first, we made no big deal out of it because she always has a leftover stock of pain meds from preceding refills. However, on Saturday May 27th, we realized that there was no back up meds and that the next refill wasn't until Jun 3rd, about six days away. Already, she was crying out in pain; she spent that entire day in excruciating pain.

On the next day, she was getting worse, the pain kept increasing and she couldn't stop crying. By then we realized that her health insurance would not allow a refill because she had reach the monthly limit due to narcotics restrictions. We had no other choice but to go through it until the next refill.

So, on the night of May 28th, after I made my wife a fruit bowl, she had a few bites and then fell asleep. So I thought to myself, she is finally sleeping, thank God. We are finally going to get some rest.

I cleaned up the place and prepared myself for bed, but then I started noticing that she was twitching in her sleep and that she wouldn't wake up, I could see that she was responsive and yet her body was asleep. Nonetheless, I was too tired to do anything about it and before I knew it I was asleep. Yet the twitching kept waking me up, so I ended up staying up that night again.

About 8 AM Monday morning, the 29th, right when my body started shutting down to sleep, she got up to use the bedside commode and that is when the nightmare began! She was still asleep/awake, in between if I may say, and her body would completely shut down and then power up, like a glitch in a nervous system, on and off; she will stand for a second and then drop in the next. I kept on catching her to prevent her from falling while helping her. Afterwards, I put her back in the bed, cleaned up the mess and once I noticed that she fell back to sleep I decided to lay down also hoping that everything will go back to normal after rest.

Well! Needless to mention that I couldn't sleep again! My wife got up about 4 times afterwards and had the runs all day long. The twitching had subsided a bit, but she still wouldn't wake up.

This went on until Tuesday 12 AM when she started vomiting and then I called mom (mother-in-law) who was asleep in her room to inform her that I was about to call 911. Mom came down and beat me in calling 911 and while she was on the phone with the operator, Clarissa stopped breathing. Her chest wasn't moving and her eyes were opened, staring blank! So I practiced CPR to resuscitate her. About the third time I blew into her mouth, her breathing came back and I helped her sit up. She was still struggling to breath and a clear runny saliva was continuously coming out of her mouth.

Finally the ambulance came and started asking questions about her meds, her health condition and so on. When they noticed the breathing situation and the fact that she wasn't waking up, they decided to take her, so I rode along with them.

At first they said that her vitals were fine and wondered if she wasn't throwing a tantrum to have some pain meds, but then they noticed that her blood pressure was dropping and that she started seizing. So they turned their lights on to hurry up to the hospital.

Once we arrived, at the hospital, at about 1 AM Tuesday morning, the seizures become more intense and frequent, so they sedated her and put her on life support while running some tests to figure out what was happening.

My Wife

She spent that entire day, Tuesday the 30th, sedated and by evening, all the results came back negative, so the doctors ruled for opioid withdraws due to the fact that she ran out of pain meds. So, they woke her up, took out the breathing tube that very night, gave her some pain and seizure medicine and put her on observation.

At first, she started coming back to herself, but then, right when I started regaining hope, the nightmare became horrifying!

The seizures started again, and again and by 10 am Wednesday (May 31st) the seizures became more and more frequent, she was struggling for life, hardly breathing and then seize in between. This continued on for 5 hours. The doctors came in the room but wouldn't do anything because they classified the seizures that she was having as pseudo seizure and thus all they could do was wait them out. In other words, they couldn't do anything for us and didn't know the cause of it. I couldn't hold it anymore! Here I was, holding my wife in my arms to comfort her to the best of my abilities while noticing that she was getting weaker and weaker! I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I could rest and yet I couldn't give up! I was paralyzed by fear of my wife dying in my arms. This moment was so painful and tense that when grandma asked me if I had eaten that day, I couldn't help but cry; food was the least of my concern!

I remember that, at about 4 pm, Clarissa, with a weak eye staring at me, signaled me with her finger to get closer and so, I drew my ear closer to her mouth. There, she whispered, "Get me out of here!"

So I asked her if that was the will of God! Because here you are in the ICU with some oxygen pumping through your nose and I should take you home?

Well! She whispered to me again, "Take me home as if God said so!" So, I called the nurse and told her that she wanted out of there, since they couldn't do anything for her. So the nurse tried to get the doctors to come back once again to figure something out.

Meanwhile, Clarissa whispered again, "Get me out of here! I am not going to have much time!"

So I told her that I will need a sign from God, because this makes no sense to leave the ICU to come home. For what!? Death?!

Well! I got my sign loud and clear when the doctors finally came in. They let us know that they had planned to discharge us that night from the ICU.

At about 6 PM Wednesday night, they gave Clarissa her evening dose of meds, wrote her a prescription to her usual pain meds, removed the IV from her arms, unhooked the EKG cables, wheeled her outside and we left.

The plan was to get Clarissa's usual pain meds. This way, we hoped that everything would be fine once she took those meds. So, on our way home, we stopped to refill the prescription given to us from the hospital.

At the first store we stopped to attempt a refill, they didn't accept here insurance. So we moved onto a second store.

The second store revealed that Clarissa's insurance won't cover it until June 5th, so I decided to pay for them out of pocket, still they wouldn't do it because we had no history of acquiring those kinds of meds from their store. As a result, we left for a third store.

It was about 8:45 PM when we got to the third store supposedly closing at 9 PM. They took the refill and told us that the insurance wasn't going to cover it, so I offered to pay out of pocket; still they wouldn't do it without verifying with the ICU doctor who wrote the prescription, on the next day.

Frustrated, we came home at about 9:15 PM. I first cleaned up the mess left by the paramedics and then laid Clarissa in the bed. The hospital told me to give her another dose of her pain meds 6 hours later, but now, I had no pain meds to sooth her pain! All I had left was prayer! I had nothing else left but to cry out to God!

We didn't lay down to sleep until about 11 PM that night. Then about 2 AM Thursday Jun 1st, the seizures began promptly. I held Clarissa to myself so she won't fall off the bed, but then when I looked at her face I could see death! She was exhausted, weak and in pain. So, out of desperation, I started crying out to God to save my wife!

I kept crying until about 5:46 AM when, all of a sudden I heard a Voice saying, "It is done! Victory is won!"

Somehow I understood right away that God heard my prayers and that help was on its way. My wife was going to be fine! Praise God! I couldn't hold my tears once again, my heart just melted before God's love, grace and mercy!

I was praising God when the Voice came back, to make me understand why the doctors were not able find anything; what was taking place in Clarissa's body wasn't caused by something physical. Hence why they couldn't find anything and the medication wasn't working!

As I listened, it became clear that the Voice was The Holy Spirit and that whatever we were up against were demons.

The Voice explained to me that their plan was to seize Clarissa to exhaustion, weaken her body through starvation and sleeplessness to finally arrive to a complete shutdown of her body; death. Their plan was in motion and on route to completion until the Voice started giving me instruction on how to rebuke them in the Name of Jesus Christ.

There were many demons and they all had names. So, the Voice started giving me their names, one after the other so I can rebuke them in the Name of Jesus Christ.

At times, I still thought that all was lost, because I could still see death on my wife's face and whenever I thought there were no more demons left, while trying to get some rest, they would wake us up again, and again, and again, for over 27 hours straight, all the way until Friday June 2nd when Clarissa finally fell asleep on her own at about 5:12 AM.

The deliverance continued afterwards, but the worse demons were gone at last. I could now see life in my wife's face and her health started improving and has not stopped improving ever since.

From that day onward, my wife and I were awoken on a different level. Never ever will we underestimate the power of darkness and never ever will we forget the unequal and unraveling power of God that delivered us from the power of darkness.

We cannot help but to fall in love with the God who came to our rescue in a way nobody else could.

God and His angels are real and so is the devil and his demons. Without the protection of God in our lives we are no match to the power of darkness. Repent and come to Jesus Christ and enjoy your freedom in the Name of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for reading and may God bless you.

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